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Safe Use of Essential Oils

1. Essential oils do not dissolve in water. They must be diluted with some type
of vegetable oil.

2. Essential oils, in their concentrated state, must never come in contact with mucous membranes or sensitive skin areas.

3. Never add neat (undiluted) essential oils to bath water. Consult. w/qualilfied Aromatherapist.

4. Generally, people with allergies must be very cautious with essential oils.    The least sensitive skin area is the soles of the feet.

5. Some essential oils (citrus) are light sensitive, so exposure to the sun must be avoided after application. (approx. 12 hours)

6. Some essential oils have strong caustic characteristics and should be used very cautiously, generally in a diluted form. (phenols)

7. Essential oils rich in menthol should not be used near the throat or neck on children under 30 months of age. (peppermint)

8. Care must be taken to close all essential oil bottles after use and to always keep them out of reach of children.

9. Taking essential oils orally (by mouth), requires impeccable quality and the direction of a qualified health professional or qualified aromatologis or qualified aromatherapist.

10. Always keep some vegetable oil readily available when using essential oils. Any essential oil kit must contain a vial of good quality carrier oil. Can use a good quality olive oil, if a burn occurs, from an essential oil getting directly on the skin or in the eyes to dilute the essential oil and cover the skin. Never use water. After a vegetable oil, like olive oil is used to relieve an essential oil burn,  the location can then be washed with water if needed.

11. Essential oils can be skin tested on inside of elbow for sensitivity or allergy.

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