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             What Medical Grade Oils are

Medical Grade Oils are genuine, the correct genus and species, pure, nothing added or removed, fresh, and proper storage. They are sold under their botanical names and chemotypes. The quality of the oil is imperative in clinical situations and to rule out adverse reactions caused by hidden adulterants. The best approach is to always insist that oils meet organic standards. Aromatic plants should be organically grown or responsibly harvested in the wild.

You can give them the sniff test and compare the aromas against those from other companies. The blotter test is also valuable for the detection of adulterants as well as aromas.

Oils that are sold were created for herbal medicine and aromatherapy (phyto-aromatherapy). Organic farming techniques are used for aromatic and medicinal plants under cultivations. Any wild plants are harvested with respect to their ecosystems. The products sold are also under their botanical names and chemotypes.

It is important to understand that the quality of an essential oil or hydrolat not only results from using organic plant material but also depends on the method of extraction.

Oils are steam distilled at low temperatures and low pressure. The steam used for distillation is made from 100% mountain spring water and is heated indirectely. It does not come into contact with the steam boiler and therefore remains pure and contaminant free.

No chemicals or detergents are used to clean the stills, only steam.

The aroma that is equivalent to that of the plant because even the lightest of molecules are captured and not destroyed. The plant material is not burnt during extraction, thus respecting the plant itself and its energy. There is reduction in the time the plant material is exposed to heat. Identical chemical compositions for essential oils and extremely fragrant hydrolats for phyto-aromatherapy .

These oils are mainly used for phyto-aromatherapy by doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and massage therapists, but also in cosmetic products around the world.

There are also essential oils that we sell that are Organic Medical grade essential oils, but also go above and beyond Organic. They are also Certified Organic and Kosher, but carry the Love and Heart and grown in harmony with the earth and the rhythm of the sun, moon, and stars.  

We offer some of the highest quality medical grade certified organic essential oils. They are all beautiful and the highest quality oils. Please call for current prices. With a consultation, you can get a list of our suppliers.

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