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Marie Dixon is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Practitioner/Aromatologist Medical Doctor trained, in Aromatherapy, Aromatology, and in Aromatic Medicine. This certification is approved by NAHA, National Association for Holistic Aromatherapists and the AIA, Alliance of International Aromatherapists.

Marie is also a Spe PhytoEssencing Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor trained. Marie is trained in Natural Health Sciences. Marie is an herbalist, nutritionist, and trained in natural medicine.

Marie Dixon is also a healer (named for the blessed mother). Also known as an Angel of Light, Mary of the Ways, Angel of the Ways, Mary of Bethany, God is my Anchor & Strength, healer of salvation.. Also, known as Golden Eagle, Kealahou, and Many Buffaloes.

You can arrange a private holistic consultation. An initial consultation is recommended, thereafter, you can have the option of a follow up consultation to fine tune your requirements, for the maximum benefits. Please call rather than email.

Please call at 720 276 0473  to arrange a consultation. Please also see the Spe phytoEssencing page below (only click on the small line to pull it up) I can see you in person or do a phone consultation.

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