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                                             Spe PhytoEssencing

                                                  A Pathway to the higher Self

"Matter is most spiritual in the perfume of the plant... When the spirit most closely approaches the physical earth, then we have the perception of fragrance." by Rudolph Steiner

                                   Spe PhytoEssencing and Deep Healing

Spe PhytoEssencing is based with natural health sciences. It is based on certain aspects of Aromatherapy, Herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, Classical homeopathy and Miasms/Archetypes, Anthrosophical Medicine and the Rhythmic system (Rudoph Steiner), modern physiology,  plant signatures, color therapy, dreams, and Tree of Life all using essential oils. An interview/amemnesis is given and can determine which oils are the suggested oils for you. A Custom individualized "portrait in oils" blend of essential oils can be made for each individual with a few to several or sometimes up to 15-25 oils. Whether one is well or ill, Spe PhytoEssencing is a gentle art, which can serve as a tool, for deeper healing  and creating greater well being on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. An option of a homeopathic remedy from an oil/s or the custom blend can also be made.  

                                            Essential Oils and the Soul

When the human soul becomes preoccupied with the daily challenges of life, rational consciousness becomes estranged from the higher self and mired in "stuckness". All chronic diseases have this quality of inertia in common.

The plant soul is not encumbered by ego, so it has the qualities of purity and infinity. Thus, the individualized plant soul combination within the essential oil blend, when proffered to the human soul, is eagerly received by the soul with impetus to move beyond limitation.

Key to moving the soul in this way is the formulation of an oil blend which accurately reflects an individual's "soul print". Like fingerprints, each soul is completely unique. LIving within the context of one's true soul nature requires continuous connection with one's higher self.

Spe PhytoEssencing's purpose is to encourage whole mind/body harmony and wellness. It creates greater well being on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels and can connect one to their higher self.

Please call for your interview to know which oils are the suggested oils for you. A custom blend of oil can be made or I could let you know what oils would be good for you to use.  

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