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Thank you Marie for your wisdom and support with your magnificent oils.The oils are helping me very much and my grandson.   Emy Sol

Marie is the best expert I have ever found for truly effective aromatherapy and essential oils healing aids. Marie is professionally trained and only works with the finest professional grade essential oils. Her work is guided by the angelic realm. I have found her essential oil capsule blends all natural alternatives more effective and safer than conventional antibiotics. Marie works with each individual to give them the specific formula they need. She is amazing!              Beth Shanahan

Also received my oils this afternoon! The lemon oil is out of this world good. I am
so glad I've met you because I certainly can tell a difference in the oils! This lemon
is so wonderful tasting. I put a drop in 16 oz of water and I really like drinking the
water now. I dehydrate because I do not drink enough water but this makes the
water taste so good that its now not a problem. I've already drank my quota for the

Be sure to use this testimony if you like.

Waiting to hear from you.
Thanks again!

Thanks, I received my oil. I haven't had time to sit down and re-read my instructions. I just opened it and took a whiff! WOW! I felt like I was in my Garden Paradise! Thank you!
Get with you later.

Aloha Marie,
I just got Fragonia oil, it is so beautiful I love it. Yes, it really resonates with me, as soon as I smelled it your name and all of the information came flowing in.
I have your name reading attached, let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you so much!!!!

April 24, 2013

For about two weeks now I have been applying a blend of essential oils which Marie has lovingly prepared for me. Marie is so amazingly knowledgeable and diligent! She has put so much love into this blend! But aside from that miraculous form of communication I would have to say that the oils are making me feel ever more youthful: more mental energy and more physical energy! I am feeling the effect and would recommend this to everybody! I am very impressed with what Marie can achieve. Thanks, Cameron Powers

December 3, 2014

I am Jesus! Lord Emanuel! This is Mary! She used to be with me when I was in Israel. My Mary is a good healer! She does the best Aromatherapy. She will help you find the right oils. I used to use them to. I like Spikenard. There are many that I used. I like Frankincense. This helped me relax. I'd like you to use more oils. They can be used in many ways. Please see that you have some. Mary was her name. This is my friend! She is still helping me. I still call her this. Please take care. Your friend, Yeshua, Jesus Christ.I AM Lord Emanuel! Remember I am always with you! Please know that you are Loved.I Love You all.

December 3, 2014

I am your father, the God who goes before you! My daughter knows so much about the oils. I am here helping. I helped teach her. She is well trained. She learned from many sources also including the best physicians.My daughter is here to help. I am watching over. I want all my children to have some of these essential oils. They will help heal your body. They will help you connect with your father. Jesus is always watching. This is the one God who goes before you. I am always with you. My daughter can teach you. She can help you connect. I want to talk to my children. I want my children to be able to hear me. This is God! I love my children.

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